Use ChatGPT On Your Own Data With OpenAIs API

connect llm with OpenAI

Use ChatGPT On Your Own Data With OpenAIs API

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Link LLMs to Your Own Knowledge Base

Live on 16. August 2023 | 16:00 - 17:30 CEST

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Let AI Work For You

Models like GPT are super powerful, but they often lack domain-specific knowledge to use them in a business context. In this session, Leonard Püttmann, Developer Advocate at Kern AI, will show you some neat tricks on how you can enrich models like GPT easily with your own data. You’ll get some insights on:

  • how to embed your documents
  • set up a vector database
  • use OpenAIs API
  • how to enrich GPT prompts for using specific tasks.

and more.

Join now to see what a finished interface for an LLM connected to your knowledge base can look like.

*Intermediate knowledge of Python, as well as an understanding of basic machine learning concepts is required.

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Get To Know Our Expert

Leonard Püttman - Kern AI

Leonard Püttmann is a data scientist and developer advocate at Kern AI.

He studied economics at the Hochschule Düsseldorf but quickly found his way into the world of machine learning . His domain of expertise is natural language processing (NLP), but he’s also interested in classical machine learning topics, as well as cloud computing. At the moment, Leonard is most interested in getting language models efficiently into production. He’s also an avid tea drinker and always happy to talk about all things data and ML over a hot cup of tea.

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