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Exclusive insights into new technologies for your projects. Ask questions in real time, partake in discuss with experts. Plus, access to re-watch the recordings after the event.

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Designed for the future of software development. Access thousands of technical articles, magazines, e-books, series and columns, a weekly highlight stream and our full archive.

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Conferences (Add-On)

Intensive learning experiences, networking opportunities and exchange with our conferences, whether in person or online. With around 30 conferences a year led by international experts, covering a wide range of topics and technologies.

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Get up to 25% on Fullstack Add-On products. Your learning curve will thank you.

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  • Unlimited Knowledge. Plan your own schedule and experience live learning. Learn Faster, Learn Better.

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  • Made For A Steep Learning Curve. Complete flexibility with our Fullstack Add-Ons.

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In addition to functional design, a secure application environment and a user interface developed by software professionals, we offer you digital access to the most well-known brands with our Fullstack Experience.

Unlike any software you’ve used before.

Designed down to the last pixel and engineered with unforgiving precision, we combine the elegance of the user interface with top-notch performance.

Quick access to your topics. 

Through our AI search you get direct topic suggestions and solution approaches for your sprints and product roadmaps.

Topics And Trends

Discover a unique variety of topics on software technologies, applications and trends that have it all. 

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Learn From The Best Software Experts

Neda Navidi | École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS)

I have been a machine learning (ML) researcher, applied research scientist, and data scientist in different research teams at various companies.  At devmio, I host several talks and oral tutorials/ presentations as a tutor and speaker in various summits, conferences and workshops related to machine learning. 

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Personalize GPT With Your Data

Personalize GPT With Your Data

Using GPT for Retrieval Augmented Generation

Recording available until 21. February 2024

Optimize And Elevate Your CI/CD Pipeline

Maximizing Your Business Potential and
Revolutionizing Your CI/CD Pipelines

Live on 07. December 2023 | 09:00 - 16:30 CET

API Gateways in Action

Start your path to API data aggregation, caching,
authentication & more!

Live on 11. December 2023 | 13:00 - 12:30 CET

Managing Machine Learning Life Cycles

The Path from DevOps to ML to MLOps

Recording available untill 27. February 2024

Personalize GPT With Your Data

Using GPT for Retrieval Augmented Generation

Recording available until 21. February 2024

First Class Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Leads are only as good as the source they come from. We support you in presenting your content in an excellent environment.
In doing so, we ensure that you only reach the target group that is relevant to you.

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Use AskFrank at work to search for solutions you need for projects. Watch a tutorial on the train using our highly acclaimed app or make notes on the tablet while reading an article on the sofa and easily find them again on the laptop the next day.

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