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Our modular partnership framework allows us to curate a product that meets your needs exactly, taking your events to the next level. Simply choose your blocks and build a package that suits your needs.

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An All-in-One Conference App

  • onboarding offboarding services create a seamless conference experience
  • Digital expo gives direct access between sponsors/expo partners and attendees, raffles and more
  • Certification, Slides and Video Recording functionalities to give a little more for your audience

Seamless Ticketshop Services

  • Automated management of ticket tiers and pricing such as Early Bird phases and slot handling
  • Real-time sales tracking and analytics
  • Customizable ticketing pages that align with your conference branding

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Digital Streaming

  • Tap into a new revenue stream with remote conference functionalities
  • VOD and Live Streaming of sessions and workshops.
  • Interactive features like Q&A, polls, and chat to engage remote attendees
  • Detailed analytics on viewer engagement and demographics to inform future event planning

Complementary services on us

Marketing Services to Elevate Your Conference

  • Expand your network as your events are showcased alongside our top global IT/Tech conferences
  • Multi-channel promotion including social media, email marketing, digital & print advertising
  • Leverage the trust in our brands to gain that extra marketing support while building your audience

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Make the most out of our 30 years of Software Know How and leverage our international audience to scale your tech conferences.

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Tap into our extensive network of IT professionals who attend our conferences regularly. Gain access to a targeted audience passionate about technology and innovation.

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