Real answers to your questions!

Tired of just searching for keywords? Would you rather ask real questions concerning your project and get useful answers?


AskFrank - how may I help you?

Our AI-based search assistant AskFrank, developed in cooperation with ML expert Dr. Pieter Buteneers (Advisor and Keynote Speaker at our Machine Learning Conference), processes natural language and efficiently and quickly combs the devmio database with its thousands of entries to provide you with the right answers to your specific questions. The algorithm behind AskFrank is based on the latest technological breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning such as BERT and GPT3 and has been specifically trained to understand questions and find relevant answers:

What is Ask Frank?

AskFrank’s developer, Dr. Pieter Buteneers, likes to give his algorithms names. The algorithm behind AskFrank is called Frank, because Frank means “open, direct, honest” and AskFrank provides exactly these kinds of answers to your questions. As luck would have it, our COO is also named Frank and a common phrase among us colleagues for various questions is “Ask Frank!” – and so AskFrank was born.