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No more tedious searching – clear answers to clear questions. Are you tired of searching for keywords? Would you rather ask the right questions about your project and get the right answers? Meet AskFrank, our intelligent AI powered search.

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Who is AskFrank?

Our AI-based search assistant AskFrank has been developed in cooperation with ML expert Dr. Pieter Buteneers (Advisor and Keynote Speaker at our Machine Learning Conference).

The algorithm behind AskFrank is based on the latest technological breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning such as BERT and GPT3 and has been specifically trained to understand questions and find relevant answers.

What Does AskFrank Do?

AskFrank processes natural language, efficiently and quickly combs the devmio database with its thousands of entries to provide you with the right answers to your specific questions.

To make use of Frank’s capabilities, simply type in your question on the search bar at the top of any devmio page and watch Frank find answers to your questions!

AskFrank is exclusively available to our Fullstack Experience, to make the most of his capabilities, and find direct, relevant answers to your questions, upgrade to the Fullstack Experience.

The Story of AskFrank

AskFrank’s developer, Dr. Pieter Buteneers, likes to give his algorithms names. The algorithm behind AskFrank is called Frank, because according to the dictionary, Frank means “open, direct, honest” and AskFrank provides exactly this kind of answers to your questions.

As luck would have it, our COO is also named Frank and a common phrase among us colleagues for various questions is “Ask Frank!” – and so AskFrank was born.

Upgrade to the Fullstack Experience to Access AskFrank

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Dr. Pieter Buteneers

Dr. Pieter Buteneers is a serial entrepreneur with a PhD in machine learning.

Dr. Buteneers was a Post-doc at Ghent University where he did research on AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning until 1.5 years ago. Since then he has worked as a data strategy and machine learning consultant for a.o. CoScale. Since then he has founded multiple companies.

He is currently the founder and CTO of his latest company,, where he works to give energy providers and consumers insights into their energy consumption and to match supply and demand in the energy market.

He regularly leads talks and workshops at our Machine Learning Conferences globally.


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