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Welcome to the FAQ page for our digital membership models specifically, for software professionals!

We know that you have specific needs and questions when it comes to accessing quality learning resources and software know-how. That’s why we’ve created this page to answer any questions you may have about devmio’s membership models. Scroll through our frequently asked questions or use the search function to quickly find the information you need for a smooth and efficient learning process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get access?

Access your devmio account in just a few steps:

  1. Create an account with your e-mail address
    To the login
  2. Choose the access that suits you best
    To our memberships
  3. Select payment method and off you go!

If you pay with Paypal and credit card, you can access the content immediately.

Team licenses can also be ordered on account. We will send you the invoice after your order.

Where can I find my Fullstack ID?

You can find your devmio Fullstack ID in your profile under “Settings”.

To the Settings →

Save money on conference tickets with your Fullstack ID. If you are part of a team, ask your admin for your Fullstack ID.

About the Basic Trial Month

Test the devmio Basic membership for reading content for one month free of charge and let us convince you of our offer. If we convinced you during this month, you don’t have to do anything else and your access will be automatically extended by one month. Otherwise you can cancel at any time.

Our recommendation: Upgrade directly to the Fullstack Experience and get a lot more content and benefits.

Our membership models.

Our membership models

We have various membership models for you to choose based on your individual needs. Take a look at your options below.

The Basic Monthly Membership

With the basic monthly membership, which can be cancelled at any time, you have unlimited access to all written expert contributions and some individually selected live events.

Our Offers →

The Fullstack Experience
(Fullstack Access)

With the Fullstack Experience membership, you have access to all devmio content for 12 months, including:

  • all Fullstack Live Events and their recordings for 3 months
  • thousands of technical articles and magazine releases throughout the year

Also included: VIP benefits on our conferences add-ons, such as:

  • up to 25% off of conference tickets,
  • exclusive live recordings from the conferences 

Our Offers →

The Fullstack Experience for Teams of 3 - 15 Users

The Fullstack Teams Membership is optimal for teams up to a size of 15 people, who want to access all content of devmio at all times.

Our Teams Memberships →

The Fullstack Experience for Teams of 16 or more.

The optimal solution for all teams of 16 or more users. You have the choice between:

  • our session-based library model, with which all users of your IP address automatically have access to the content of devmio,
  • our domain-based model, with which all users with the email domain of your team can access.

Very attractive prices as well as offers for free testing!

Our Memberships for Large Teams →

Until when can I cancel my Membership?

The Basic monthly membership is valid for one month and can be cancelled at any time with effect from the following month.

The Fullstack Individual and Team Experience memberships are valid for one year and are automatically extended for another year if you do not cancel in writing latest 6 weeks before the end of the subscription period.

Where can I change my address or billing address?

You can change your address in the settings under “Addresses”.

To the Settings →

Have you taken out a subscription via the app? Then you can adjust the address in the settings of your mobile device.

Where can I change my payment method?

In the settings you will find the “payment options” section. There you can change existing payment methods or add new ones.

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Where can I cancel or reactivate my subscription?

Within your profile you will find your “Existing subscriptions”. There you can simply select the desired membership and click on “View subscription” where you can cancel the membership or reactivate past memberships in the next step.

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How can I delete my devmio user account?

To delete your devmio user account, send us an email at [email protected]. We will confirm the deletion of your user account by email.

This will delete your access to the platform. You will then no longer be able to log in to devmio on the web, iOS app, and Android app with this email address.

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