How to Train and Deploy ML Models

How to Train and Deploy ML Models Accelerate Your Machine Learning Journey With Azure AutoML

How to Train and Deploy ML Models

Accelerate Your Machine Learning Journey With Azure AutoML

Postponed due to illness - new dates to be confirmed

This Fullstack Live Event has been postponed due to illness.


Train ML-Models With Azure AutoML

Azure AutoML is not just a powerful tool, it’s also a fun way to train robust machine learning models on your data in record time!

In this session, we’ll dive into the scenarios where AutoML shines and where manual intervention might be preferable. We’ll discuss the optimal configurations for various tasks and demonstrate how to scale Azure AutoML to handle large datasets. 

Additionally, we’ll explore automated model explainability and fairness – two critical aspects of responsible AI. As a grand finale, we’ll put Azure AutoML to the test in a popular Kaggle machine learning competition. 

How will it perform? Join us to find out!  

While basic knowledge of machine learning and Python will be beneficial, newcomers to these concepts are also welcome to join and learn with us!

leonard puttman ai expert

Get To Know Our Expert

Leonard Püttman - Kern AI

Leonard Püttmann is a data scientist and developer advocate at Kern AI.

He studied economics at the Hochschule Düsseldorf but quickly found his way into the world of machine learning . His domain of expertise is natural language processing (NLP), but he’s also interested in classical machine learning topics, as well as cloud computing. 

At the moment, Leonard is most interested in getting language models efficiently into production. He’s also an avid tea drinker and always happy to talk about all things data and ML over a hot cup of tea.

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