Optimize And Elevate Your CI/CD Pipeline

Optimize And Elevate Your CI/CD Pipeline

Optimize And Elevate Your CI/CD Pipeline

Maximizing Your Business Potential and Revolutionizing Your CI/CD Pipelines

Recording Available Until 07. March 2024

Recording Available Until

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Delve Into Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration can bring extremely high value to a business. Nevertheless, building, maintaining, and continuously improving pipelines is a complex task. 

This advanced workshop is made for those who strive for the greatest possible optimization of their CI/CD pipelines. Experience three deep-dive workshops on selected aspects of CI/CD led by experienced DevOps and CI/CD engineers.

Receive the latest knowledge about how to improve your system and how to fix problems, as well as plenty of opportunities to discuss your specific technical or process-related questions.

CI/CD Pipeline
Fabian Kammel

Get To Know Our Expert

Fabian Kammel - Control Plane

Fabian Kammel is a Senior Security Consultant at ControlPlane, where he helps to make the (cloud-native) world a safer place. His goal is to bring hardware security and cloud-native security closer together. Past projects include: * A cloud-native PKIs for on-road vehicle services secured by enterprise HSMs. * An always-encrypted Kubernetes distribution that harnesses the power of Confidential Computing. * And more recently securing SPIFFE-based machine identities via hardware attestation.

Get To Know Our Expert

Thomas Kruse - Trion Development GmbH

Thomas Kruse started his career as a freelance consultant in 1998. Today, he is the managing director of trion development GmbH and supports companies as an architect and coach for projects that use Java technologies. His focus is on Java-based web applications, HTML5 web front-ends and performance optimization. In his spare time he is involved in open source projects and organizes the Java User Group in Münster.


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