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Live on 25. June 2024 | 09:00 - 17:00 CEST

Build a Chatbot With an LLM and Master Retrieval-Augmented Generation

Ready to dive into the world of generative AI? Join our upcoming workshop and learn to build a chatbot from scratch using Python and Large Language Models (LLMs)!

What you’ll learn:
1️⃣ Extracting and indexing FAQs for a knowledge base.
2️⃣ Setting up and programming a chatbot in a Jupyter Notebook.
3️⃣ Integrating LLMs with RAG for accurate responses.

Perfect for beginners, no prior knowledge needed! 

MLCon Magazine 2024

MLCon Magazine Volume 11

Moving Forward with Machine Learning

Learn everything you need to know about the fast-paced world of machine learning and artificial intelligence!

Here you will learn about Python, Jupyter Notebooks, natural language processing, TensorFlow, and how to utilise machine learning solutions in your solutions.

ML Magazine is the place to keep up with conversations about AI and automation. See innovative machine learning advancements, and find the creative spark for your next machine learning project!

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Learn to build your own chatbots


How to Craft an OpenAI-Powered Chatbot

Unlock the secrets of building an advanced ChatGPT-integrated chatbot. Learn to seamlessly integrate OpenAI's API, manage chat context, and enhance data quality using efficient PHP approaches for AI-driven customer support.


Building Chats Using Semantic Kernel and OpenAI Assistants

Semantic Kernel revolutionizes the integration of Large Language Models like OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and Hugging Face with languages such as C#, Python, and Java. Unleash the power of collaborative OpenAI Assistants in this upcoming Fullstack Live Event


Use ChatGPT on Your Own Data With OpenAIs API

Since ChatGPT, LLMs are everywhere, and the possibilities seem endless. But how can you harness the power of the GPT-model and link it to your own knowledge base? Find out more with this Fullstack Live Event

Get the latest insights with ML Magazine

Get the most out of ML models


How to Train and Deploy ML Models

Building machine learning models is super exciting, so automating this process might seem counterintuitive. Why automate such an important task? Join this Fullstack Live Event to find out how you can utilize Azure AutoML to handle your datasets!

Microsoft ML.NET: Improve Machine Learning Model Quality in Three Easy Steps

by Daniel Costea

“Sometimes the shortest path is the one you know” As a .NET developer, I have been tempted many times into the world of Python by what it offers in the field of AI...


ML Fundamentals for Software Professionals

This half-day workshop equips software professionals like you with the fundamentals of Machine Learning (ML), exploring supervised and unsupervised learning, data management, and MLOps. Empowering you to identify potential ML challenges and opportunities within your own company and role.

All about GPT


Use ChatGPT on Your Own Data With OpenAIs API

Since ChatGPT, LLMs are everywhere, and the possibilities seem endless. But how can you harness the power of the GPT-model and link it to your own knowledge base? Find out more with this Fullstack Live Event

The Transition From GPT-3 to GPT-4: A Step Forward

by Pieter Buteneers

We discussed GPT-4 in depth with AI specialist Pieter Buteneers, including its fine-tuning process, capabilities, the Microsoft-OpenAI relationship, and the importance of open-source in the field of AI...

Personalize GPT With Your Data

Personalize GPT With Your Data

GPT models have transformed "chat using your own data," making it a popular use case by allowing you to personalize GPT with your data. Join our Fullstack Live Event to explore Kern AI's software mechanisms and excel in this domain.

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