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Generative AI is going to transform the digital content creation process as we know it. However, while  AI technology has matured in some areas, it’s still evolving in others. This presentation focuses on showing “art of the possible” with generative AI in the AdTech space. In this presentation I will use specific examples to showcase how generative AI can transform the world of AdTech.

Generative AI in Adtech: Limitless Possibilities

After 10 years in development, CSS Container Queries are now supported in all major web browsers. But are they better than using Javascript or CSS Media Queries to create responsive layouts? Media Queries are problematic because they only allow us to target the size of the entire viewport, which creates tight coupling between different sections of our pages. And while Javascript solutions can help properly target the size of elements on the page, they also bring additional complexity into our codebase. And, if we’re not careful, responsive layout methods with Javascript can negatively impact the performance of our web pages. Understanding how and when to use CSS Container Queries gives us the power to create modern responsive layouts which are performant, easier to maintain, and simpler to think about.

Modern responsive layouts with CSS Container Queries

Today every developer is using LLMs in different forms and shapes. Most often using ChatGPT or code assistants like GitHub CoPilot. As a lot of products have introduced embedded AI capabilities, how can you build your own? And what do you need to know about LLMs in order to use them in your own code? In this talk, I’ll discuss techniques like prompt engineering, and more complex patterns and demonstrate how every web developer can make use of LLMs using APIs and SDKs.

Building AI applications Using JavaScript

mohammed Junaid

Mohammed Junaid | Google

ben cole

Ben Cole | Twitch

Roy Derks| IBM

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New York

Exclusive offer for students and trainees

8-9 October 2024 | Remote Tickets

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Exclusive offer for students and trainees

27-28 June 2024 | Remote Tickets

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New York

Exclusive offer for students and trainees

8-9 October 2024 | Remote Tickets

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